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Peter C. Jarnes

Peter Conrad Jarnes, the son of Hans Martinus and Laura Birgitte (Davnes) Jarnes, was born February 12, 1909, in a Norwegian farming community on the shore of Sykkylvsfjorden, an arm of Storefjorden. He was the oldest of eight children. He died June 19, 2002, in Fallbrook, California, at the age of 93.

Beginning at the age of 16, Peter worked as a deckhand on sealing vessels for two seasons. He immigrated to America in 1927, where he obtained a job as a pattern maker. After joining the Seventh-day Adventist Church, he enrolled in Maplewood Academy in Hutchinson, Minnesota, graduating in 1935. He continued his education at Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska, where he met Lauretta Wilcox, marrying her in 1937. He earned advanced degrees from the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary in 1945 and 1958.

Peter was employed in the Adventist Church for 40 years: a year at Maplewood Academy, three years at Atlantic Union College in Lancaster, Massachusetts, nine years in the Minnesota Adventist Conference, and 17 years teaching at Union College. At the end of his career, Peter and his wife retired to Glendale, Oregon, where they lived for 20 years until moving to Fallbrook, California.

In later life Peter became prominent for challenging Adventist tradition and doctrine, despite religious ostracism. In this role he traveled and lectured widely, staking his influence and reputation upon his understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Peter will be remembered as a man of faith who inspired his students and friends, a man of courage who was true to his conscience, a family man who loved his children and cared attentively for his wife through her final illness, and a devoted uncle and grandfather who delighted in his nieces, nephews and grandchildren.

Good night, Daddy, Grandpa, uncle, friend. We will reunite with joy in the morning.

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